November 22, 2010
Save up to 30% more calves from scours with ScourGuard® 4KC
Alfonso Martinez
Up to 30% of rotavirus scours cases are caused by Rotavirus serotype G10.1,2 and ScourGuard® 4KC is the only scours vaccine labeled to help protect against Rotavirus serotype G10. 

Scour Bos® and Guardian® labels don't compare.

ScourGuard 4KC offers the broad-spectrum protection you need against the four major scours-causing agents:

  • Rotavirus serotypes G6 and G10
  • E. coli
  • Coronavirus
  • Clostridium perfringens Type C

Works Right. Right When You Need It.
One way for calves to gain immunity to scours-causing agents is through the absorption of antibodies in the dam's colostral. Optimizing the level of colostral antibodies available to the calf is a process that begins months prior to calving, and centers on not only nutrition, but the vaccination of the heifer or cow. ScourGuard 4KC has the vaccination window that best coincides with the development of colostral antibodies.

What's scours costing your operation?
Scours is the number one cause of calf health problems during the first four months of calf life—and the number one calf killer.6,7 Determine what scours is costing your operation with the Economics of Scours Worksheet.


Fact 1
No other cattle vaccine manufacturer has more experience producing calf scours vaccines than Pfizer Animal Health

Fact 2
ScourGuard® 4KC is the newest, most updated rotavirus scours vaccine on the market

Fact 3
ScourGuard® 4KC has demonstrated SIGNIFICANT protection agaist all the important scours pathogens, including rotarvirus serotypes G6 and G10, coronavirus, and E. coli, in the face of server challenges.  Check the labels of competing product to ensure they have USDA approved label claims of protection for al the antigens they claim are in their vaccine.

Fact 4
Save up to 30% more calves from scours

  •  Rotavirus is the leading cause of viral calf scours
  • ScourGuard® 4KC is the ONLY scours vaccine demonstrated and USDA licensed to help protect against both rotavirus and serotypes G6 and G10.
  •  Up to 30 percent of rotavirus cases are caused by rotavirus serotype G10

Fact 5
Endotoxin in vaccines may couse shock, fever, leukopenia and abortion.  ScourGuard® 4KC had the lowest endotoxin content per dose of all leading scourst vaccines:  at least 7 tiems less than Guardian® and 20 times less than Scour Bos® 9


Fact 6
ScourGuard® 4KC has the vaccination window that best coincides with the development of colostral antibodies.

  • Antibody secretion begins at 5 weeks and peaks 2 weeks precalving

Fact 7
ScourGuard® 4KC has the longest overlap period with respect to the development of colostral antibodies in the initial and annual dosing periods, providing you with the most convenient vaccination opportunity for your herd

Fact 8
Due to its proprietary adjuvant system, ScourGuard® 4KC has the shrotes withdrawal time on the market.

  • ScourGuard® 4KC has a 21 day withdrawal period, almost 3 tiems less than either Scour Bos® or Guardian®

 Fact 9
Unlike other scour vaccines, Scourguard® 4KC does not feature an injection site warning on the USDA approved label

  • Guardian® - Translent local reaction may occur at the inection site

Fact 10
The bottom line – Scours is the number-one calf killer.  Producers and veterinarians prefer ScourGuard® more than all of other leading scours vaccines combined

Work with your veterinarian and stop by and of our six Big R Store locations to see how ScourGuard 4KC can be used as part of a complete scours management program that includes prevention, detection and treatment.

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