Fill Your Propane Tanks at Big R
September 9, 2010
Rob Guevarra
If you've ever shopped at one of our Big R stores, you've probably heard our slogan "almost anything...Big R's got it". Well we're adding to that by offering propane tank refilling service at our locations in Havre, Spokane and Mead. Going camping this weekend? Getting the RV ready for a road trip? Planning a big barbecue? Whatever the application, make sure to stop by Big R first and top off your propane.  Read more
Lignetic Wood Pellets Now In Stock
September 8, 2010
Alfonso Martinez
Short days, and cooler nights, you can really feel the chill of Autumn in the air.  With the official start of Autumn on September 23, it’s time once again to clean up your pellet stoves and get your pellets now before the time passes.   Stop by any of our six Big R Store locations in Montana and Washinton to pick up Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets. Lignetics is one of the founding pioneers of manufacturing premium wood pellets and Pres-to-Logs fire logs for home... Read more