Taking some PTO to run a PTO
July 29, 2014
Alfonso Martinez
I’ve been trying to get a camera out to my co-worker’s ranch for about a year now, but things just kept coming up and we’ve always had to cancel.   I came back to work after two weeks off with an itch to get back out in the field. The nice cool Montana l left two weeks ago had suddenly turned into a hot and dry Montana, which can only mean haying season is in full swing.   Driving across Northwestern U.S. the last two weeks allowed me to see a... Read more
Canning canning CANNING!!!
July 26, 2014
Cutter Streeby
  CANNING CANNING CANNING!!! Please excuse the 1920’s soap box introduction—but this blog is worth it. After a summer of managing your gardens and growing all of your sweet, sweet fare—it’s time to think about canning and jams.   We stock a lot of Ball products (link) so I have been trawling their websites now, before I get into this sport. Check that link out—they have a recipes and spices and ideas for new things to try. A great beginner’s... Read more
Jaylow Kayak Rack
July 21, 2014
Cutter Streeby
Jaylow Yakima Kayak Rack The Jaylow Yakima Kayak Rack is an automotive accessory you can use to haul your kayaks. It might seem intimidating to install some type of “rack” onto your car, but this Jaylow Yakima Kayak Rack is as easy as ordering pizza. Well almost.  To demo this one, Jake and I went out with Denise (who agreed to demo this product as she owns it and uses it whenever she goes out around here). In the pictures you will notice she’s the one who did... Read more